Samba With Amy Mills!
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Amy will show you how to dance 
Samba no Pé
(aka Samba Solo):

  •  Learn Samba steps
  • Styling tips
  • Body Isolation techniques
  • Breaks to add musicality
  • Combinations to start the party
Introducing "Samba with Amy Mills" Volumes 1, 2 and 3.  Online Access.
Amy’s “Fundamentals” DVDs is now available for online streaming from our members area 24/7 on all devices anywhere in the world.  No need to wait for shipping!  In the course Amy covers the steps, techniques and body movement which are the foundation for her style of Samba no Pé. One of Australia’s most sought after samba dancer/instructors, Amy’s unique way of teaching her technique has made a huge difference in many samba dancers in many countries and she have you on your way to dancing samba in no time.
Who is this awesome samba dance instructor?

Amy Mills has a passion for music, the art of performance and a desire to be better than she was the day before keeps Amy driven and excited about each day. Alongside her many talents and positive energy, Amy’s solid work ethic and attention to detail have opened countless doors in the performing arts disciplines of voice, dance and acting.
Over the years Amy has been a part of a wide variety of stage shows, film and dance festivals. Specializing in Brazilian “Samba no Pé”, as well as other Latin Dances and dance fitness programs, today she continues to bring her wealth of stage and teaching experience to every project she tackles. Amy plans to continue to seek out new, exciting and rewarding opportunities.

What is Brazilian “Samba no Pé”?
Samba no Pé is a dance style from Brazil. It was popularized by the Brazilian Carnival and it consists of hypnotic hip, leg and body movements synchronized to the infectious rhythms of Brazil. The basic dance steps can be adapted to many different styles of music.

It is also a great cardio workout, fantastic for toning your abs, butt and thighs. You’ll get to work on body isolations and authentic Samba dance movements. You’ll get to learn to dance to the infectious sounds of the Brazilian Carnival.
Now, it's your turn to Samba Solo
Latindanceshop are proud to promote such a talented dancer, respected artist and teacher.
Here is your opportunity to order her Samba with Amy Mills course online for instant viewing.  Save time and money. No need to wait for shipping. No need to pay extra for international shipping (Save $20). No need to travel to get 1-on-1 training with Amy.  Just think of what 1 hour of private lessons would cost you. Now you can learn Samba at y0ur own pace from the comfort of your home. And you get to learn from one of the best Samba dancers all the technique and styling tips that you won't find any where else.

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